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Every Month a New Family and Relationships Topic

Every Month a New Family and Relationships Topic



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Welcome to the Global Movement of No Judgment. Just Love.®  #NJJL

I’m really glad you’re here!
I started this movement from personal experiences of being harshly judged. Not only did those judgments come from people who didn’t know me, they came from my family, my friends, and especially from me judging myself.

The intention of this movement is to urge us to consciously change our way of thinking and behaving.
The practice of living this way is a choice from your place of willingness.

I invite you to open your mind and heart, look  past your own judgments, alter your mind set towards other people and even give yourself a break.

Come to our website to learn more about creating a #nojudgmentjustloveworld.
Let’s experience more peace and love in our world.

Because…the time is now.

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Live the message.

Share the Movement.