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Coaching and Mentoring

The Whole Family Coaching and Mentoring services are specific to you and your family’s needs. When we work together, I will listen to your concerns and guide you, with personalized questions helping you uncover what’s holding you back or keeping you stuck. My coaching style is friendly, supportive and focused on your needs. I welcome you into a safe environment and assist you with “No Judgment. Just Love ®”

Any change that happens begins with you. So, as instructed on any airline flight, ‘Place your own oxygen mask on first, before you attempt to help those around you, especially your children.’  Lets get started today!

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ShaRon Rea,
Family Communication and Relationships Coach


  • Multi-Generational Families
  • Adult Child/Parent  Relationships
  • Life Coaching

What Clients are Saying

Parent Coaching

 “After the most recent meeting with you, I can see a smile on her more often, and she says “I love you, mom” more often too! I yell less, and it’s easier for me to start a conversation with her. Your intervention has helped so much!

Even though we have to walk many miles to get to our accomplishments, I can tell you for sure that you make us feel that we are not alone in this. My daughter needed somebody to understand her fully, and I needed somebody to help me guide her into the right direction.

Thank you, ShaRon! ” – Mom of 17 year old, Phoenix, Arizona.

Family Coaching

“Two months ago when we decided to take this class, our home was a little chaotic. After taking the first session the energy in our house changed and became more harmonious right away. Thank you ShaRon for your wisdom and tools.” – Parents of three boys, ages 8, 10 and 13.

Single Father Coaching

“I am a single father who has been estranged from my daughter. How this happened would be unfair for me to discuss openly, so I am so fortunate to be able to have ShaRon Rea afford me an ear, words of encouragement and just the opportunity for me to vent as well as speak of my fears while trying to decide how to make contact with my 28 year old daughter. I have some fond memories of her when she was 3 and 4 years old, then things changed. I am again glad to be able to talk about these things with a great coach who has a heart for single fathers.” A.S., Single Father from Maryland

Parenting Parties

“It’s fun and comfortable to be with my friends and neighbors, learning and talking about issues facing our teens. It really is a party. What a great service!” – Parenting Party Host for 6 married couples with teens, Scottsdale.

Teen Coaching

“I was struggling and didn’t know where to turn. You have helped me through so much this year and I cannot thank you enough. You are a great listener and amazing with teens. I hope you enjoy yourself today, you deserve it.

Thanks for everything, I love you!” – High School Junior, Phoenix, Arizona.

Life Coaching

“I have known ShaRon in the community for over 16 years and have followed her career as a Life Coach. When I faced the need to redirect my life from “what I thought it would be” to “what it can be”, I felt ShaRon was the woman to be by my side. I have seen counselors in the past. What ShaRon contributes is far more than any counselor.

In just an hour, ShaRon focused me not only on the issues I came in the door with but also gave me positive tools to not just “get through” but “flourish” in my current life situation and, better… start my “next 20 years” plan. I walked out singing “I’m So Excited”. I haven’t felt excited for years. Thanks to ShaRon, I face my future with renewed delight and hope. Get ShaRon in you back pocket. She is priceless!” – K.M., Business woman, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Popular Workshops

“Very Interactive. Well planned. Enjoyed the class! Very Informative. Excellent!” “This stuff works!”

Popular Workshops

*The Survival Kit for Parents of Preteens and Teens – Don’t just survive the teen years; discover how to enjoy them too!  

*Courageous Conversations about Sex with Your Teens: What to know, what to avoid, and what to absolutely include! 

*The Whole Family Healing after Divorce Workshop – Learn specific co-parenting skills to ease anger and sadness to create the life you desire for yourself and your children.

*One Family – Two Different Parenting Styles – How to make it work.

*Fathers Know Best – 15 ways to be the most excellent dad for your son or daughter.

*True Colors™ Communication Workshop – This interactive and eye opening workshop is a quick and easy way to help you communicate more effectively to enjoy cooperative relationships with your children and other adults in your life.

True Colors™ Communication

“This program nailed it for me. I understand how to communicate with my spouse and kids now. This was beyond helpful!” – Workshop participant, Gila River Indian Community, Arizona.

Welcome Home! to Family. (pilot project)

             Restoring “The Whole Family” after incarceration.

Our joy-filled work:
We are piloting a six-week heart centered, practical life skills program that prepares family members of returning citizens to receive their loved ones back home.  We meet for two hours each week with up to 20 people from different justice impacted families.  These group learning sessions were developed to bring awareness to the mental and emotional challenges everyone faces during transition time.

Our program shifts hearts and minds, provides information and techniques that focus on self-care, conscious direct communication, stress and anger management, patience, forgiveness, healthy boundaries, unconditional acceptance and more. Participants are asked to complete targeted practice assignments during the weeks between each session, and share their results with the full group at the beginning of each next session. During the final session in week six, the families create a mission statement for moving forward together. We end the six weeks with a closing ceremony to release old habits, labels and judgments. Each family will receive a certificate of completion and a 90-minute complimentary follow-up coaching session to answer questions and provide support.

​Our No Judgment. Just Love.® Welcome Home! to Family. (pilot project) fills a gap in services for justice involved persons ready to return to their community. We focus on education and support for the immediate family members. This pilot program raises awareness, provides solutions and prepares families to create a safe, understanding and nonjudgmental home environment. This project compliments training and support efforts that other organizations deliver. With our focus directly on the family of returning citizens, the Welcome Home! to Family. (pilot project) builds a foundation of empathy for people who have served time in prison and increases their chances of a successful reentry as they fold back into society.

*Our program begins with immediate family members, who are 12 years of age and above. Once released from prison, the justice-involved person goes through the same six-week program. In addition, bulk orders of the No Judgment. Just Love.® Coloring Journal books (published in right and left handed editions) can be made available to participants.

Program Creator/Facilitator
ShaRon Rea, No Judgment. Just Love.® Life Coach
sharonreaaz@gmail.com  602.741.8007

ShaRon’ greatest facilitation traits are compassion and teaching real life effective relationship skills. She has a joyful spirit that is enhanced by her love for humanity. Her business background encompasses more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of communication, education, childcare, nonprofit and government agencies, and public service.  Because ShaRon sees each person from the place of unconditional acceptance, she creates a safe, welcoming environment for coaching, trainings and workshops.

When you meet ShaRon, you’ll know she is a woman on a mission to make the world a better place. As creator of the global movement No Judgment. Just Love.®ShaRon knows that common to all humans – we make judgments all the time. Her message encourages people to practice No Judgment. Just Love.®  She says, “choosing to move beyond judgments that divide, to consciously lead with LOVE in your thoughts, words and actions, will genuinely help us relate to each other better.”

Welcome Home to Family

Educating Adult Family Members of youth in the juvenile justice system. Our heart centered, results-oriented curriculum will teach how to manage mental and emotional challenges preparing families to create a safe, understanding and nonjudgmental home environment. So once released, their young loved ones can feel the full embrace of a blissful Welcome Home to Family.

Restoring Relationships in “The Whole Family” after incarceration.

Help Me Help Teens THRIVE again

If you prefer volunteering your time and talents to support this project, these are what I would benefit from

1. Logo and Website creation. I have the URL and name trademarked

2. Researcher

3. Marketing 

4. Curriculum formatted (I’ve already written the curriculum with objectives and outcomes)

5. Virtual administrative assistant for email list creation

Welcome Home to Family – Purpose
Restoring relationships in “The Whole Family” after incarceration.

Welcome Home to Family prepares adult family members to manage the mental and emotional health challenges everyone experiences during their loved one’s reentry back to society. Our heart centered, results-oriented curriculum provides education and multiple solutions for families, so they are equipped to create a safe, understanding and nonjudgmental home environment.

Empathy Recognize everyone is doing the best they can. Give them space to evolve in ther own timing and way.

Be Curious Ask different questions. Listen for different answers.

Conscious Communications Speak in ways that do no harm to self or others.

Practice No Judgment. Just Love.® Lead with respect and kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.

A No Judgment. Just Love.® program.

Contact: ShaRon Rea, Life and Family Coach sharonreaaz@gmail.com 480.420.9551

nonprofit that teaches adults how to manage mental and emotional challenges so they can create safe, understanding, nonjudgmental home environments for their kids to come home to. This new venture will make a profound impact on removing the stigma of shame for these families, using my experience as a life coach and from the place of No Judgment. Just Love.®

Every Juvenile in Prison is Someone’s Child.
On any given day, over 48,000 youth in the United States are confined in facilities away from home as a result of criminal justice involvement. (Prison Policy Initiative 2019) Research from Harvard University concludes that an increasingly important area of research into reentry success is the role that family relationships play.

Our program shifts hearts and minds, delivers information through evidence-based and real-life effective techniques that focus on self-care, conscious compassionate communication, stress and anger management, parenting and co-parenting skills, healthy boundaries, patience, forgiveness, unconditional love and more.

Welcome Home to Family compliments the training and other support efforts that a multitude of organizations working in the criminal justice system deliver. With our focus directly on the adult family members, Welcome Home to Family builds a foundation of empathy for young people who have served their time and deserve a new start.

                      Welcome Home to Family™ 

                Objectives and Outcomes Document

Class duration – two hours per class (will extend curriculum from 6 to an 8 week program)

* 15-minute opening discussion (based on weekly journaling to keep conversations on time)

* 90 minutes, activities, questions and discussions

* 15-minute evaluations, introduce outside practice lesson, end class

Let’s Get Started (Orientation)

A time to welcome family members as they get to know the 6 (soon to be 8) -week pilot program, instructor and each other. Complete and discuss the pre-program questionnaire. Outline expectations and group agreements. Discuss the pilot program’s purpose, weekly format, outcomes, weekly assignments, participant’s agreement to complete content, so data can be compiled from them as pilot participants.

Objective:  Instructor will facilitate participant introductions and provide an overview of the Welcome Home to Family™ program. Get agreement from participants on expectations for the program. Guide participants to complete the pre-program questionnaire.

Outcomes:  Participants will meet and get to know one another and gain an understanding of the Welcome Home to Family™ pilotprogram. They will be able to articulate their individual goals for the program. Summarize their answers from a pre-program questionnaire and choose one aspect from their summary to focus on for the upcoming week.

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First – weeks 1 and 2 (Personal Development)

Week 1

Review Orientation assignment.

Concept of and steps to the practice of No Judgment. Just Love.®

Self-care awareness in six categories of personal life.

Discover individual depth of self-love.

Take a Personal Values assessment

Objective: Instructor will lead a discussion around the outside practice assignment from orientation. Explain the concept, steps and practice of No Judgment. Just Love.®  List areas of self-care and self-love and help participants articulate desired areas of improvement. Give the Personal Values Assessment.

Outcomes: Participants will demonstrate active listening skills during group discussion from orientation assignment.  Compare and contrast effective ways to implement the practice of No Judgment. Just Love.® in their relationships. Identify their depth of self-love and determine a personally inspiring love song. Explore integrating the results from Personal Values Assessment in their self-awareness discovery.

Week 2

Review outside assignment from Week 1

The effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 

Patience and Healthy personal boundaries

Objective:  Instructor will lead a discussion around the outside practice assignment from Week 1. Introduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Define and list strategies to build patience. Facilitate and activity surrounding healthy personal boundaries.

Outcomes: Participants will demonstrate active listening skills during group discussion of Week 1 assignment. Understand and analyze the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) as they relate to adult health and relationships. Connect the value of patience to interactions with formerly incarcerated loved ones. Determine where their personal boundaries are helpful or not to the relationship with their loved one. Choose one area to focus on for the upcoming week.

Coping Skills and Emotional Intelligence – Weeks 3, 4, and 5

e·mo·tion·al in·tel·li·gence the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. “emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success”

Week 3

Review outside assignment from Week 2

Conscious Communication techniques

Multigenerational communications

Solutions for emotionally triggered conversations

Objective:  Instructor will lead a discussion around the outside practice assignment from Week 2. Explain the importance of taking personal responsibility for how you communicate. Detail the ways personality, habits, past experience and mood affect what you say, how you speak about your wants, needs and desires, as well as how you listen to others.  Distinguish communication styles for different generations. List and define the causes of emotional triggers. Role-play with two people finding peaceful and workable solutions to sample disagreements.

Outcomes: Participants will demonstrate active listening skills and increase confidence sharing their thoughts during group discussion of Week 2 assignment.  Practice integrating newly learned communication styles in daily conversations. Suggest and model the best ways to talk with people of different generations. Learn skills to diffuse emotional triggers that restrict effective conversations.

Week 4

Review outside assignment from Week 3

Brain science (how we learn and how habits are formed)

Parenting of Teens and Co-parenting skills

Identify a solid available support team

Objective:  Instructor will lead a discussion around the outside practice assignment from Week 3. Explain how the brain learns and how habits are formed. Guide participants in an activity that will compare and contrast how or if, they have effectively used parenting of teens and co-parenting styles. Detail the importance and characteristics of a solid group of friends so they can intentionally select who will support the transition of receiving their formerly incarcerated loved one back home.

Outcomes: Participants will demonstrate active listening skills and increase confidence sharing their thoughts during group discussion of Week 3 assignment.  Make a distinction between which habits are useful and minimize destructive habits in family relationships. Determine which parenting styles work best with their teen. Implement specific co-parenting skills that reduce stress on self, teen and teen’s other parent. List 5 people considered safe, trustworthy and available as a personal support team.

Week 5

Review outside assignment from Week 4

Coping skills for stress, anxiety, fear of change, and moving forward

Moving from Victim to Victorious

Understanding the value of and using gratitude

The importance of forgiveness

Objective: Instructor will lead a discussion around the outside practice assignment from Week 4. Outline specific ways to recognize the difference between anxiety and stress. Examine what causes stress and fear of change. Investigate what changes participants can consider that will achieve a calmer life. Point out the relationship between stress and gratitude.  Facilitate a discussion on forgiveness.

 Outcomes: Participants will demonstrate active listening skills and increase confidence sharing their thoughts during group discussion of Week 4 assignment. Uncover the causes and discover for themselves solutions to lessen stress. Write 5 uncommon and 5 funny things they are grateful for. Question and validate willingness to forgive self and family members.

Week 6 – Creating New Family Bonds

Week 6

Summarize content from classes 1 through 5

Create a family motto

Write a “Meet Me Now” letter to their loved one before release

Closing Celebration and Ceremony

Present post program survey. Schedule bonus follow up coaching sessions and 3 month follow up review.

Objective: Instructor will lead a rating exercise from weeks 1 through 5. Explain how to create a family motto and a “Meet Me Now” letter that will be written to their soon to be released loved ones. Conduct the Closing Celebration. Award Certificates of Completion, deliver post program questionnaires, invite testimonies and schedule a single post program private coaching session for families who want one.

Outcomes: Participants will rate topics from the entire program that made an impression and determine how to implement them into their lives. Create a family motto. Reflect on what their answers will be to the “Meet Me Now” letter. Celebrate progress, accomplishments and confirm challenge areas. Receive Certificates of Completion. Schedule the single private post program coaching session. Confirm willingness to be contacted for a follow up progress review in 3 months.