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I am here for you. Once you chip away the junk, your magnificent self will be free to shine!

Conversations on Zoom, over the phone or in person, Scottsdale AZ
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Join me on the virtual Comfy Couch of *No Judgment. Just Love!
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Take advantage of this free opportunity to listen as you talk about your most pressing concern. My goal for this call is to give you one perspective shift or one solution to try. Let’s get started today because Making Your Life Extraordinary Begins with You.

Coaching men, women, teens, young adults and families for over 12 years.

ShaRon Rea – Life, Family and Communication Coach 480.420.9551
I’m excited to meet you! Welcome to a space of No Judgment. Just Love.®  Over 12 years, I’ve gained expertise in coaching people to create deeper love and confidence within themselves, so they can build healthy relationships with others. This joy-filled work also includes guiding families to find solutions during the teen years, co-parenting, being a single father, grandparents raising grandkids and more. No matter where you are in life, things can always get better!


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